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Element Web Solutions was a Philadelphia based web design company founded by Seun Olubodun in his dorm room circa April 2003 which grew into a team of designers and a national client list of over 60 small businesses. We provided our clients with clean, simple & effective websites at a fraction of the costs charged most other firms because we believed (and still do) that small businesses deserve the same high level of services larger companies get, albeit on a smaller (thus more manageable) scale.

Although we've been out of the design game since 2006, we're still here to help point businesses in the right direction and as you can see from the selection of work to the left, many of our sites still look great after 5 years or more....some do anyway.

If you're a small business and need help figuring out how to get online and more importantly how to do so effectively and within budget, we are here to help you out. We'll consult with you and point you in the right direction free of charge because we know what its like to be small business owners. The only thing we expect in return is that you buy a t-shirt from our latest venture, Duke & Winston (www.duke-winston.com).....Kidding (not really).


Seun Olubodun, Founder


Element Web Solutions      630 N. 2nd Street      Philadelphia PA 19123      seun@duke-winston.com      781.308.1982